Bankruptcy Attorney in Green Valley

The trustee, upon authorization of the delegated judge, can exercise all the rights deemed useful for satisfying the bankrupt’s creditors: consequently both the debtor and the creditors are obliged to respect the judgment formed in the cases in which the curator was a party, who does not represent it replaces neither the bankrupt nor the creditors, but operates in the interest of justice, as a judicial appointee with an autonomous position that stands next to the Judge. A Green Valley bankrutpcy lawyer can help you if you are suffering from a bankrutpcy.

The main task of this body, namely the administration of bankruptcy assets, is particularly delicate and complex as the bankruptcy procedure invests all the assets of the bankruptcy usable for the purpose of satisfying creditors and therefore not only the movable or immovable property, corporal or incorporate them, and credits.¬†Also all other rights, such as actions of nullity, cancellation, termination, termination, redemption rights, pre-emption rights, the possibility of purchasing assets, as well as pending contracts, ie all those outside the bankruptcy can be relied on by the creditors as a subrogation, as a preparatory activity of execution that can invest the assets once they are recovered and entered into the debtor’s assets. Eric Ollason Attorney at Law is a bankruptcy law firm in Green Valley who can assist in a variety of bankruptcy cases.

In addition to actions aimed at recovering assets that have been removed from the debtor’s assets on the basis of acts that can not be opposed to the same creditors for failure to comply with the formalities required for this purpose or on the basis of ineffective acts because they are detrimental to their rights in Green Valley.

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LA Worker’s Compensation

Workers comp for a workers compensation law firm in Los Angeles at Joe, Southard & Yeoh, LLP is designed to protect employees who are injured in the workplace. The main advantage of these laws is to protect the worker from poverty because he can not work by paying for the medical expenses they suffered during the accident and recovering the lost wages due to the injury.


The advantage on the side of the company is that workers agree to deny their right to sue the company for the incident. Worker's comp will usually pay for the appropriate medical care of the worker, including ongoing physical therapy, medication, and rehabilitation. It also pays benefits to the family of workers in the rare case that they are killed at work. Some Los Angeles laws now protect the employer by limiting the number of workers they can reclaim, as well as limiting the alleged liability of employees present in the accident.


While Workers Compensation laws protect employees, it's also a good idea for injured workers to consult a lawyer who can advise on the specific laws in your area, prevent their benefits from being dropped prematurely and argue for a better deal. You should hire a reputed Los Angeles worker's compensation lawyer and first apply the specific Worker Compensation benefits and statutes that apply to you in your state. Another thing to consider is that some workers may be limited from obtaining their benefits if the incidents happened during deliberate misconduct or accident while the employee was intoxicated.