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Civil Code gave the possibility for both the employer and the employee to claim a fixed or full compensation until 2015 if the other party waived to comply with the notice period. The fixed compensation is equal to the wage for the time that the employment contract would still last with regular termination. Joe, Southard & Yeoh, LLP are a worker's compensation law firm in Los Angeles.


The full compensation meant more than the wage. The compensation also included all other damage that the employer or employee had suffered as a result of the irregular termination. For example, an employer could think of costs for hiring staff in the very short term. An employee could claim damages from missed bonuses or tips. Whether actual damage has been suffered is therefore no longer relevant to the amount of the compensation. Get in touch with a Los Angeles worker's compensation lawyer.


The flat-rate nature of the compensation, therefore, implies that if an employee claims damages from his employer for not observing the statutory notice period, he is free to collect income from other work, without this affecting the level of the compensation that is due to him. As an employer, are you dealing with an employee who suddenly resigned? It is important to take action as quickly as possible. A petition must be submitted to the subdistrict court within two months after termination of the employment contract. If you want to start such a procedure, please contact one of their Los Angeles lawyers.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Stockton

Those participating in road traffic are always at risk of being involved in legal disputes afterwards. Unfortunately in Stockton, annoyances with car repair shops are part of everyday life for many motorists. The beloved or at least urgently needed vehicle must be after an accident or because of a defect in the workshop. In the work carried out ignites often dispute between the customer and the commissioned workshop. If the repair of damage is not done with care or even consequential damage occurs, a fierce dispute often ensues, which has to be resolved in court. Stockton personal injury law firm of Redkey Gordon Law Corp are there to help.

Especially with new vehicles it is about not inconsiderable sums. As an experienced traffic lawyer, Redkey Gordon Law Corp personal injury law firm in Stockton, supports you in enforcing your claims against garages and service providers. traffic criminal Law The traffic law distinguishes between misdemeanors and offenses. You will need a Stockton motorcycle accident attorney. Particularly serious traffic violations are not only considered with a “memo” in the administrative offense procedure, but punished harder. Among the serious violations include hit and run Drunkenness in traffic Driving without a license Mark abuse If you are accused of a serious offense, it is advisable to obtain legal assistance quickly, because in addition to sensitive fines, the law also provides for imprisonment of up to ten years.

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