Auto Accident Attorney from Portland

Even when involved in the smallest auto accident there is a chance that you could have been injured. If the other car did not hit you at a fast speed but at an angle that moved your body you could be hurt. The more severe the car accident in Portland is, the more likely the injuries will be worst as well. Auto accidents can happen for a wide array of reasons such as, distracted driving, driving while tired, driving while intoxicated, not obeying traffic laws, and even speeding. You want to be sure that when you are driving you are giving all your focus and attention to the road to ensure that you are not the cause of the accident.


Unfortunately, even if you are the world’s most careful driver you could still be the victim of an auto accident. If you were injured in an accident that you did not cause, then you will want to hire a Portland auto accident attorney to give you the highest chance of compensation. You will need this money to help you pay for any lost wages you had because of the accident, any medical bills to heal the injuries and other factors. When you need legal help for your auto accident case be sure to call the Portland personal injury law firm, Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman to help. They have helped so many other people with their auto accident injury cases that they will be a great choice in helping you as well.