San Bernardino Grandparent’s Rights Lawyer

Often times the children benefit from having a relationship with their grandparents. It is on both the parents and the grandparents to ensure the child can build that relationships. If a grandparent in San Bernardino is not being allowed to see their grandchild, then they have some rights to legal action. Now it is important to speak to a lawyer before filing any claims to make sure your case won’t be immediately thrown out. Grandparents typically cannot file a visitation claim if the parents are married and live together. In this case the way they could file is if one of the parents went in on the case with them. It can all be confusing on what is legally allowed and what the courts won’t agree with. To get a better understanding you will want to call, The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino. They can give you more information and help you figure out what your next steps should be.


You have the best chance at getting visitation if you had previously had a relationship with the child. If you barely saw the child before the parent tried to take away your right to see them, then it might not be in the child’s best interest to have you around. The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb San Bernardino family law firm will do what they can to get you to see your grandchild. They have some skilled San Bernardino grandparent’s rights lawyers who have gotten their clients visitation. Grandparents do have a set of rights and it is important that you know what those rights are so you can protect them.

Torrance Child Custody Lawyer

In child custody cases people think that the mothers have all the power. The mother of your child cannot take away the child from you or your rights to see them without your consent. To avoid any kind of confusion with child custody arrangements, it is always a good idea to talk to a Torrance child custody lawyer where you can determine a child custody agreement that is in writing and legally binding. Your lawyer will help you in court and help you file for child custody. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro is a family law firm serving Torrance, and they have handled a great amount of child custody cases. They have handled various different types of child custody cases and can be the best resource for you with your case. Having this kind of help on your case can be the most beneficial.


To get all the information you need on a child custody case in Torrance, your best option would be to set up an initial consultation with a lawyer. This way you can explain everything you are wanting and they can explain how the process works. Often times you will not be granted full custody, so it is important to know that going in. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a Torrance family law firm who will help you manage expectations as well as do what they can to get the outcome you want.  Child custody cases need to be taken seriously as this is the life of the child that is being taken into consideration. Feel free to set up a consultation with The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro if you have any further questions.

Asheboro criminal defense

Criminal Defense Lawyers Asheboro

The work of a criminal defense attorney is extremely demanding but entirely necessary. If you are currently facing criminal charges in Asheboro or the surrounding areas of Randolph County, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately! For more information on criminal law and how it pertains to your case specifically, consult our website today.

North Carolina Criminal defense attorneys serve a very important role in society.

The criminal justice system is composed of many different individuals and agencies all working towards what they believe to be a common goal: public safety. The police who patrol the streets gather evidence, conduct investigations, make arrests, and lay charges are only doing their job in an effort to make Asheboro and the surrounding areas a safer place to live, work and raise families.


The Crown Prosecutors who prosecute criminal cases in court and advocate for convictions are doing their job in an effort to make sure that justice is done and ultimately see that criminals are held accountable for their actions. Finally, Judges who preside over criminal trials hear evidence presented by both sides and make the final decision regarding innocence and guilt are doing their job in an effort to make sure that justice is carried out and that criminals receive sentences that appropriately fit the severity of their crimes.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Asheboro


While each individual involved in the criminal justice system has a specific role, they are not infallible. Mistakes happen, evidence is mishandled or overlooked, Crown Prosecutors make conscious decisions to charge excessive fees in an effort to increase their conviction rates which should lead to promotions. Judges are not immune either; while they are aware of pressures put on them by other members of the criminal justice system many do not realize that it's possible for a Judge's actions to be motivated by outside influence.

In addition to the criminal justice system, there is also a vast network of support services aimed at helping people who have been accused of crimes. Victim Services agencies work tirelessly on behalf of victims and their families to make sure that they are aware of their rights and that they receive the financial, emotional, and practical support that they need. Social Services agencies provide similar services, but on a more long-term basis aimed at actually breaking the cycle of crime by providing resources to impoverished communities where crime is epidemic.

A Good Los Angeles Family Lawyer

As you search for Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles, it is important to understand the type of work they do. Most people believe attorneys are all alike, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Lawyers offer a wide variety of legal services and serve different purposes, which is why it's so important to choose one who specializes in Family Law.

The following is a look at the different types of lawyers, what they do and how Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles can help you.


What types of Lawyers are there?

There are three classifications of lawyers: Judicial, Legislative, and Advocacy. Judicial Lawyers represent individuals who have been accused of crimes or involved in civil litigation. Legislative lawyers work with the legislative process, developing laws and regulations. Lastly, there are Advocacy Lawyers, also known as Litigators or Trial Lawyers.

As you can see, Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles fall into the Litigator category for Advocacy Lawyers. With that said, what exactly does an Advocate do?

What is it that Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles do?


Advocacy Lawyers engage in the practice of law as litigators, participating in dispute resolution to reach a verdict.

They are involved in cases that involve civil litigation (such as divorce), criminal litigation (such as domestic violence), corporate matters, contracts, licensing agreements, and so on. They must be prepared to face off against other lawyers and advocates.

Their job is to serve as the opposing party's worst nightmare! They try to prevent their clients from losing cases or having unfavorable outcomes (i.e., jail time, not getting what they deserve in court, etc.)