Child Support Law in Los Angeles

A downward trend may be a bit surprised when the minimum wage for work increased in recent years, which should also translate into the amount of maintenance. However, it is worth taking into account that in the above statistics court settlements are also included, and they are often for lower amounts, because, for example, one parent pays the loan contracted for both parents and, therefore, the maintenance allowance is reached. Since when are child support payments due in Los Angeles? The maintenance obligation arises from the very fact of childbirth.


Therefore, child benefits should be payable without a court order. Hire a Los Angeles child support attorney. In addition, the child's mother may claim the cost of a layette for a child, or even partial maintenance during pregnancy. While waiting for the payment of maintenance, the person obliged to pay them is exposed to the need to pay high costs of the proceedings. In some cases it is also possible to recover maintenance for a period earlier than filing a lawsuit. Whitmarsh Family Law, PC are a Los Angeles family law firm

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