St Louis DUI Accident Lawyer

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is highly illegal in the state of Missouri. If you are of legal drinking age and have a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher it is illegal for you to be on the road. This percentage varies if you are commercial driver then it is .04% and if you are under twenty one .02% is considered too high to drive. If you have had any alcohol in St Louis you should not be driving. Always practice driver safety and stay where you are until you are sobered up and able to drive. Driving a car is a huge responsibility and these vehicles can cause a lot of damage. You need to have a clear head when you are driving. The Gogel Law Firm are a St Louis persona injury law firm, that can help you if you were hit by a drunk driver. DUIs are a serious crime and can hurt people very badly.


Driving under the influence also applies to those who have been taking drugs before or while driving. It is imperative that you are driving with a clear mind, and once you take drugs or drink alcohol your judgement is clouded. This is why you should not be behind the wheel of a car. DUI accident lawyers St Louis will help you hold the person who hit you accountable. There is no excuse for driving under the influence. That is how people get hurt, it is how people end up in the hospital, and it can even kill people. The St Louis personal injury law firm The Gogel Law Firm will hold any negligent party accountable for their actions. You should call them if you were injured in a DUI accident.

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