dog bite

The first thing that you should do is to notify the authorities; in this case the Board of Animal Control and/or the police. All bites are also to be reported to the local Health Department. Report what happened to the Board of Animal Control so that the offending dog is quarantined for a 10-day period to check for rabies. And of course, obtain immediate medical treatment and be proactive in continuing to obtain treatment as needed.

Being bitten by an animal can be a traumatic experience. Damage from dog bites can include disfigurement, muscle damage, and broken bones.
If there is insurance to cover the loss do not rush to settle your claim. And never underestimate the insurance adjuster. You need an experienced dog bite law firm such as Turchin Law to help you obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

When dealing with adjusters, remember never to provide a statement unless you hire an expert dog bite laws firm to represent you first. This way terms and conditions of the insurance company statement can be set first. Also, you should never sign any forms presented to you by the insurance company, and you should document all insurance, medical, and police documents related to your case.

Insurance companies always employ professionals to deal with cases such as yours, so why shouldn’t you hire the dog bite specialists at Turchin Law? We specialize in providing those injured by dog bites with financial recovery for their pain, suffering, and medical bills.

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