Law Office of David A. Martin & Associate: Why You Should Hire an Unmarried Parent’s Lawyer

Under California law, marriage doesn’t affect parent-child relationships. Even if the father and mother are unmarried, they have the same parental obligations and rights towards their child just like a married couple. However, if an unmarried couple can’t agree on how to bring up their child, courts can help them settle on paternity issues, child support arrangements, custody arrangements and visitation schedules.

The main concern of any unmarried couple is the safety and welfare of their children. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is committed to ensuring that any disputes between single parents are settled in the best way possible. The most common problems unmarried parents face is child custody, child visitation, child support and paternity of the child. The Law Offfice of David A. Martin & Associates are a family law firm located in Sacramento.

An experienced Sacramento Unmarried parent’s lawyer has handled many custody cases before. They have all the knowledge and experience needed to help reach a fair child custody agreement successfully. If you are going through a child custody disagreement in Sacramento, CA, do not hesitate to contact a family lawyer for a free consultation.

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