Divorce Cases With Land Whitmarsh LLP

Divorce officially ends a legal marriage. The married couples do not hold a legal or constitutional right to divorce. However, the states allow divorce to serve the interests of the public. Currently there are two divorce types recognized by the US courts i.e. the absolute divorce and the limited divorce.

Absolute Divorce

For one to obtain this kind of divorce the courts require some evidence to prove the misconduct of either of the spouses. This is a legal cessation of a legal marriage. It involves changing the status of the spouses back to being single. This type of divorce occurs when couples have settled all alimony, child support, and property division issues. 

Limited Divorce

It is primarily known as a separation decree. This type of divorce only terminates the cohabitation rights. The court does not terminate the marriage and the statuses of the spouses remain unchanged.

In some states conversion divorce is allowed which transforms legal separation into a divorce. This is usually case after the parties have been for a period of time that is prescribed by the states. A majority of states have legislated no-fault divorce statutes, which eliminates the requirement for proving spousal misconduct. To understand divorce cases, contact the professional divorce attorneys from Land Whitmarsh, LLP.



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